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Kickass.. I just got my 3rd and final recommendation letter secured. Now.. it's Kerry, Parry and TIMO!!

Kerry.. my boss.

Parry.. director of TeenAngels.. (which I helped to found about 8 years ago and has now turned into a 10,000+ member international organization.. woot!)

TIMO.. the most awesome professor ever. I took two of his classes and have never enjoyed academia so much. He wrote me back today, 4 minutes after I had sent him my e-mail, excited and happy to write a recommendation letter for me.

Now that that's secure.. whew. I need to meet Timo at his office hours on Monday.. first time I've seen him in about a year. This should be awesome :)

P.S. If you're a guy, and you play one of my girls... be prepared. We play hardball!!!

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