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"Puppies need spaces to run!.... And play!... And FROLIC!" -Theo

Before I start my post..... Hugh Jackman thanked my cousin Ricky in his Emmy acceptance speech!! HELL YEAH!!

I don't need much in my life. Maybe a good hug every now and then. A good Yankees game. A good glass of wine. I'm very simple - it's so easy to please me. But yesterday was definitely a day I desperately needed.

Eric and I have been making Saturdays "our day" since we never get to see each other at any other time during the week.. thanks to my schedule. But what we have together, we make the best of. He and I seem to be able to make the best of any situation given to us. (As in, last week with our friends, the roaches..) And I like that. I needed somebody in my life who was very go-with-the-flow..

But yesterday was something else. I feel so much more calm and relaxed today. Typically, during the week, I'm shaking at any given moment and my voice is cracking cause I'm so stressed or busy. But since last night, I've felt so relaxed.. even when my parents duked it out today like a verbal Mike Tyson fight in the car ride home from my cousin's 60th birthday brunch.. I just sat in the back with my mouth shut and looked out the window. Didn't even bat an eye.

Saturdays for me and Eric usually start with lunch and pool at Josies.. we play about 10-15 games of pool, eat, then go venture about the city.

We had trouble deciding what to do after Josies... We were going to go to the San Gennaro feast, and then we were gonna go to that hotel.. then we went back to wanting to go to San Gennaro.. then we decided on seeing The Corpse Bride. I absolutely love love love going to movies with him so this was totally cool with me. I've never really been able to cuddle with anybody as much as I can with him. I know that at any given point, when I decide to slouch into him and make him my pillow, that he'll reciprocate and be my blanket.

We had a slight problem with the movie.. we went to Regal in Union Square and they were sold out. Fuckers. So Eric, being the Fandango expert he is, whipped out his cell phone and got tickets to the showing at Loew's a few blocks away. We walked up to the Loew’s on 19th, and realized Fandango had screwed up. They had reserved us tickets at the Lincoln Center Loew’s. So into a cab and off we went. Got to the movie in time.. and they showed the movie on the IMAX screen. Very weird. But still pretty cool.

I love Tim Burton, and this movie was great, don’t get me wrong, but nothing beats the Nightmare Before Christmas. ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!!! But it was a good second attempt.

After the movie, I realized we were near Fordham Law School so we walked around the Lincoln Center promenade, saw the law school, saw the opera houses, and spent a good hour or so sitting on that huge fountain. It was the most romantic thing I had ever done with anybody. I laid in his lap and he stroked my hair.. put me in a complete trance. We just sat there for at least an hour.. my back was against his chest and we sat with our legs out facing the fountain.

A woman was walking her dog - this cute, happy, friendly white Westie. That’s the same dog that Eric had when he was younger, so we called the dog over to us and he started wagging his tail and jumping around to say hi to us, and putting his mouth around our arms as if he was kissing us. Sooo cute!!

I immediately told Eric that when we move in together, getting a Westie is our first order of business. Of course his response was that our first order of business would be to “christen” the place, then get the Westie.. lol. That would be so nice.. to come home from work or class and open up the door, and have an adorable dog there to greet me.. and then have Eric there to spend the rest of the night with. Being able to fall asleep without having to worry about check out times, or people bothering us.. ::sigh:: Unfortunately, it’d be really unproductive. I don’t think we’d ever get out of bed.

Eric got some cute pics on his phone, and I'm waiting for him to send them to me after he does this project for his brother's client. I'll post a couple when I get them.

It's weird... every time I see him, I'm so comfortable. It feels natural being with him. It's not hard to see a future with him at all. I'm not jumping to conclusions, and I'm not going to creep him out with talk of the future just yet, but right now I'm enjoying where we are. I think we're in a very good place and I've loved every second of it. I don't even think we've gotten into a real fight yet.. we've had little spurts which lasted maybe 5 minutes if even.. and I can count all those times on one hand.

We just get along so well. He's my best friend above anything. I feel I can honestly tell him anything and I know he'll support me no matter what.

OK, I think I'm grossing some people out with the cuteness... but I'm not trying to be all high-schooler giddy over here. I'm not some puppy love teenager. This is someone that I truly have a connection with, and can truly see this going somewhere even more special. I'm happy with where I am in my life, and I'm more than happy to be able to share my present experiences with somebody wonderful.

Alright, I'll end this on a not-so-mushy note. (Which seems almost impossible now that I'm watching the Peter Jennings tribute on the Emmy's..) BUT.. my 21st birthday is coming up. And my cousins Jodi and Ross will most likely be with me after I saw them today and we talked about it. Take a look at my cousin Ross.. I will never have to worry about anybody fucking with me ever again:

Jodi, their mom Marlene, Ross
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