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And the saga continues..

I'm home early tonight from my LSAT class cause I felt like vomitting, collapsing and like my eyes were burning out of their sockets all at the same time.

So I come home to find out.. my grandmother in Florida is now in the hospital. She's been getting lots of blood transfusions lately, and for a woman of 89, it's catching up to her. She went for an endoscopy this morning to ensure she wasn't bleeding internally, and the anesthesia fucked her up. She came home and couldn't breathe, so my aunt and uncle (who she lives with) decided to call 911 immediately and take her back to the hospital.

Now she's there.. overnight.. for god knows how long. She has fluid around her heart, and her blood count is only up to 9 from 7.2.. AFTER receiving two bags of blood. FYI, 14 is the minimum blood count you can have apparently. And she's only gone up 1.8 counts after two BAGS of blood in one sitting. Oy.

My dad might need to fly down there at any given moment over the next few days. I might have to as well once my LSAT is over. Then I might have to fly back up here for my Jersey grandmother's funeral, cause she can't even keep her eyes open or lift up her arms or head either..

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