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It looks like the Grods will be having a funeral after all....

I haven't posted much cause life is busy.. and I don't want pity from anybody.

But basically, my grandmother in Florida, Nina, will be dead any day now. Who knew my Jersey grandmother would outlive my Florida grandmother?

It was last weekend when we found out that Nina had lung cancer. She stayed overnight in the hosital, was put on 24 hour oxygen and sent home. In the middle of the night, she tripped over the oxygen tank, and had to be taken back to the hospital.

She was sent home again, but she was too weak and needed hospital care that my aunt and uncle couldn't provide for her, so she was sent back to the hospital this past Friday, only to be put into hospice care. My father took an emergency trip to Florida to see her on Friday morning, because my grandmother said she was waiting to die until she saw him.

We then found out Nina has raging leukemia, water on her lungs and an enlarged heart. Due to the lack of oxygen her body's (not) getting, she became delirious and screamed to my father in the phone that nobody could find her. How did my dad know she was in the hospital? Also, this was going to be a huge law suit, shown on the Regis & Kelly show until the hospice service would be shut down... then she thought the nurse was hitting her, so Nina took her cell phone and began hitting the nurse. They couldn't check her lungs for oxygen until my father rushed to the hospital and had to convince my grandmother that she wasn't being physically abused.

Nina is the most non-violent, loving woman I knew. This whole mess is a shock to me, since she's becoming the complete opposite of what she was.

My father tried pouring her water from a pitcher that hospice provides. My grandmother refused it and demanded tap water, since she thought the hospice care workers were trying to kill her.

Thanks to the hurricane, hospice will be placed on lockdown from Sunday til Tuesday. Nobody can go in or out. Since my father, aunt and uncle are in no health position to sleep on a chair for 3 nights, (especially not my father with the clogged artery in his neck), if my grandmother dies before Tuesday, we're not allowed to get her body. When she finally does pass on, we're flying her body back to New Jersey so she can be buried next to my brother and my grandfather.

Currently, my grandmother is in a semi-coma. My father said her eyes are closed, but her mouth is open, and he tried shaking her, but she didn't move or respond.

Fuck, here goes the tears.. for the first time too. I thought I could avoid it this time, but I guess I was wrong.

I'll update later.

I love you, Nina.

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