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Nina died yesterday around 6:00.

My family is stuck in the hurricane, and the undertaker has her body until the hurricane settles enough to send her and my family back up here tomorrow. We're having the funeral on Thursday, a funeral home ceremony, and a shiva call at my aunt's.

My dad and my aunt went to the hospital yesterday just to visit her, and she died 30 seconds before they got there. When they went into her room, the nurse was standing over her body and feeling her pulse. She looked up and couldn't believe my dad and aunt were there, since she had JUST passed. They felt her body and she was still warm, there was a tear in her eye, and her head was facing the window. Whatever all that means.

I cried a lot yesterday, it was sad. I'm still upset and will be until the shiva calls are over on Saturday night. I was close to her growing up, but lost touch a bit when she moved to Florida and I went to college. I feel guilty. Really fucking guilty.

My father was crying on the phone with me and my mom. When he composed himself, I had to make flight reservations for all of my family since they were stuck in Wilma and have no electricity for the next two weeks. They have no food, so they're living off bread, cookies and chips right now. Not good for my dad, who's a diabetic.

At least I get to see my family again.. minus my grandmother. The last time we were all together was at my cousin's, Jillian's, bat mitzvah last summer. Last time I saw my grandmother too.

Rest in Peace, Nina Joyce... you were loved by everyone. Take care of Josh for me. I miss you..

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